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Weather continues to create problems across Romania. At the weekend, rain accompanied by hail hit heavily the north-east of the country, and a code red for dangerous phenomena was issued for  Suceava . Several households have been seriously affected by floods, which also stranded livestock. In the centre of the  country, in Alba, the bad weather caught by surprise groups of tourists up in the mountains. Seven people got stranded and were eventually rescued by intervention teams, after a few hours.    On the other hand, the south-east is facing scorching heat, and storms are reported everywhere. At noon, thermal discomfort is particularly high, so the heat index often exceeds the critical threshold of 80 units. In the past day, meteorologists have issued many imminent danger alerts. In Valcea, in the center, a sudden downpour flooded dozens of households, and in Braila, strong gusts of wind felled down trees. In many households, electricity has been cut off and hydrologists have issued several code yellow warnings for flooding for half of the country.    Weather will remain unstable at least until Wednesday evening, but rain will keep on falling until Thursday. According to the weather experts, torrential rain, hailstorms and strong wind will keep on affecting many regions. For brief periods of time, there will be up to  25l/sq m of rain. Most hydrological warnings issued lately have expired, but the situation on the Danube is still dangerous, as yellow and orange codes are still in place for the riparian counties. The highest level of the Danube was reported in Galati, where the river flooded the riverfront.    Farmers in the area have been warned to keep chemical substances, fertilizers and fuels away from floods. Also, navigators have been warned to sail at extremely low speeds, in order to avoid the formation of waves, which can erode banks and dams.

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